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Good news! (In addition to our blog’s custom domain name)

If you’d like to receive an answer to your question faster, or would like to ask a question longer than Tumblr’s allocated character limits, submit your question through the oneyeartransfer Ask 2.0! You will have to fill out some basic information before asking your question, but in exchange, we will answer all questions received in the Ask 2.0 before those submitted to the Tumblr ask box. Posting of your question and our answer on our blog is at our discretion.

For those who asked questions prior to the rollout of Ask 2.0, rest assured: your questions will be answered on a timely manner.

Through the Loop/oneyeartransfer’s first anniversary


TO celebrate a year of blogging about nothing but the transfer process from California Community Colleges to four year colleges, we have acquired as our new website name! Now there’s no need to add “” when accessing the blog or introducing it to friends.

In addition, we have a new email address! It’s


Arthur and Jimmy

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How 15-year-old 'hacked' his way into UC Berkeley


Sage Ryan, who turned 15 the other day, is no super genius. He avoids math when he can, yet he’s just entered UC Berkeley - as a junior.

Jacobs and her son say they did not cheat the system; they “hacked” it. They used legitimate but little-known ways to accelerate Sage’s schooling so that by 14, he had accumulated enough academic credits at community colleges, UCLA and even Brigham Young University in Utah to persuade UC Berkeley officials that he had the right stuff to transfer in.

If you thought transferring in one year was crazy! “Hack” is such a poor choice of words, though, as Mr. Ryan and his family incorporated the appropriate techniques to get him in Cal.

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image出会い、別れ、そして再会 | こんちゃん [pixiv] 

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Oh,., Kakashi sensei…


*sobs for days*

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Nude Portraits series by photographer Trevor Christensen

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