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How to Cure Hiccups

Hiccups are usually harmless, but quite annoying. They occur when the vagus nerve, which runs from the brain to the abdomen, is irritated through digestive disturbances. George Triadafilopoulos, M.D., a gastroenterologist and associate professor of medicine at the University of California, Davis, explains that the home remedies used to stop a hiccup work on two main principles: over stimulating the vagus nerve, and interfering with breathing.

Sweeten The Hiccups

Mary Poppins sang that a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. But does it help hiccups? Many experts think so. ‘’The nerve endings in the mouth become overloaded with the sweet sensation,’’ Triadafilopoulos explains. Have a teaspoonful of sugar, and if you can, place the sugar on the back of the tongue, where ‘’sour’’ is tasted. This way, the sugar will pack the most punch.

Bag Those Hiccups

Breathing into a paper bag is believed to work on the same principle as breath-holding. They increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the bloodstream, and the body becomes preoccupied with getting rid of it.

Eat More Slowly

‘’People who eat too fast tend not chew well, which can cause hiccups,’’ says Triadafilopoulos. And besides that, you swallow more than the meal. ‘’Air gets entrapped between pieces of food,’’ he explains. Chew deliberately and take smaller sips of drinks.

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If only you knew.

Anonymous asked:
Do you have any tips in excelling in community college?


  1. Do go to class. Unless that class is so freakin’ easy, going to class would be a waste of your time (and the instructor doesn’t care)
  2. Do extra credit. The only reason to skip out on it is if you’re cruising with 95% or higher. This thing called ‘math’ says that they’re worth more than you think they are. In some classes, “extra credit” is actually required if you want to get a solid A, the instructor just doesn’t tell you.
  3. Don’t buy textbooks first thing, ESPECIALLY from the overpriced school bookstore, unless your professor demands physical copies or it’s not available anywhere else. Search for them online first, especially if content is public domain. If you are concerned about the legal ramifications of PDF hunting, buy a used copy of the textbook or reading.
  4. Don’t choose your project partners at random. People are not to be trusted. Some of them will drop the class, in fact, so they won’t even be there to cuss out. Create a pre-screening application if you have to. (Half joking on the last one.)
  5. Don’t take more than 7 classes/22 units in any one semester, you’ll mess yourself up, even if the classes are easy.
  6. Do take advantage of summer and winter sessions. They’re great ways to either get ahead on your coursework, or to lighten the load during fall and spring semesters.
  7. Do cross-enroll between community colleges, especially if it’s a class you really need, enjoy, or have to take for completing major preparation.
  8. Do be proactive. Pay a visit to the transfer center and meet a college representative. Meet deadlines. Stay on top of your game while you’re at community college.
  9. Do visit your professor during office hours. They can clarify in-class materials. If you just want to talk about interests or other things, that works too! Highly recommended if you want to ask for a solid letter of recommendation.

There are at least 91 more tips, but you can probably look for some of them online; additions to this list are welcome and accepted.

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